EBF Focus
EBF - 3 rd Focus Workshop


Brussels, Belgium
12 - 13 June, 2012


This year, the EBF Focus meeting will host plenary sessions as well as a half day of chromatography and ligand binding focussed break out sessions.

Day 0 – 11 June 2012

16.00h 20.00h Registration and Information Desk open

Day 1 – 12 June 2012

7.30h 12.30h Registration and Information Desk open


Introduction and aim of the meeting

8.30h 8.45h Welcome and introduction, aim of the meeting Philip Timmerman
(on behalf of EBF)
8.45h 9.15h Keynote: Bringing New Technologies into Regulatory Space CT. Viswanathan
(CT Viswanathan & Associates, Inc.)

Special Topics and Interesting Techniques

Chair: Hans Mulder (Astellas)
9.15h 9.35h iHUMITE: A cost efficient and accurate human drug metabolite profiling workflow William van Dongen
(TNO Triskelion) 
9.35h 9.55h Advantages and recent developments in the use of photo-spray ionisation for quantitative bioanalysis Martijn Hilhorst
(PRA International)
9.55h 10.15h Pushing the limits of increased selectivity, dynamic range and sensitivity for bioanalytical applications Bruce Thompson
(AB Sciex)
10.15h 10.45h


Alternative MS-techniques for quantitative bioanalysis

Chair: Philip Timmerman (Janssen Research & Development)
10.45h 11.10h Keynote: Towards High Resolution MS in Regulated Bioanalysis Benno Ingelse
11.10h 11.30h Application of ICP-MS and LC-ICP-MS in Drug Development Jaap Wieling
11.30h 11.50h ICPMS and tailored sample preparation for unusual bioanalyical applications Erik Baltussen
11.50h 12.10h High Resolution and Accurate Mass Spectrometry for Specific and Sensitive Quantification of Target Compounds in Complex Matrices Steven Watt
12.10h 12.30h HR-MS in High Throughput Regulated Bioanalysis: A thorough and Practical Evaluation of Performance, Roubustness and Return on Investment Fabio Garofolo
(Algortihm Pharma)
12.30h 12.50h Accurate Mass MS/MS an Attractive Option For the Quantification of Biotherapeutics in DMPK Studies Diego Rodriguez Cabaleiro
(Waters Europe)
12.50h 14.00h

Lunch and poster session


Miniaturization and/or automation of sample preparation techniques?

Chair: John Smeraglia (HLS)
14.00h 14.30h Keynote presentation: Development of Quantitative Nanoscale Techniques for Ultra Trace Analysis of Biological Microsamples Kevin Bateman
14.30h 14.50h Blood microsampling and bioanalysis in preclinical species Lieve Dillen
(Janssen R&D)
14.50h 15.10h Capillary Microsampling: “Better science – Fewer animals” Ove Jonsson
15.10h 15.30h Microdialysis as a tool in drug research and development Brigitte Buscher
(TNO Triskelion)
15.30h 15.50h The Application of Solid – Phase Micro-Extraction and Micro-Sampling/ a Multipurpose Micro-Technique for Bioanalysis Sheelan Ahmad
15.50h 16.15h


Tissue Analysis

Chair: Margarete Brudny-Kloeppel (Bayer Healthcare)
16.15h 16.45h Keynote presentation: We Can See – Mass Makes the Difference Markus Stoeckli
16.45h 17.05h Maldi imaging of small histological tissue applied to ophthalmology: qualitative and quantitative approach in drug discovery Jonathan Stauber
17.05h 17.25h MALDI Tissue Imaging: More than Just a Pretty Picture? Andrew McEven
(Quotient Bioresearch)
17.25h 17.45h Some practical aspects in tissue analysis Hermann Mascher
(Pharm-Analyte Labor)
17.45h 18.00h EBF Topic team on tissue analysis: plans Nathalie Mokrzycki

Day 2 – 13 June 2012


Focus on Large molecules: Emerging platforms in support of LBA

Chair: Neil Henderson (AstraZeneca)
8.30h 9.00h z Keynote presentation: New and Automated Technology Platforms in Bioanalysis John Allinson
(ICON Development Solutions)
9.00h 9.20h A Hybrid LBA-QPCR Technique (Proseek) for Improved Assay Sensitivity Karen Dowers
9.20h 9.40h Homogeneous immunoassay using AlphaLISA technology – the “no wash” high-throughput alternative to ELISA for PK, PD and immunogenicity measurement during drug development Denise Sickert
9.40h 10.00h Mass Spectrometric Immunoassays Bryan Krastins
(ThermoFisher Scientific)
10.00h 10.20h Open Slot Open Slot

Focus on Small molecules: Miniaturization and diversification in LC-MS interfacing

Chair: Benno Ingelse (MSD)
8.30h 9.00h Keynote: Incorporating Multifunctionality into Microchip Separations Sabeth Verpoorte(University of Groningen)
9.00h 9.20h Hatching sensitivity in Bioanalysis The promise of chip based micro LC/MS Marc De Meulder
(Janssen R&D)
9.20h 9.40h Capillary Scale LC/MS/MS for High Sensitivity Bioanalysis Is This A Reality and Where Are The Pit Falls Robert Plumb
(Waters Corporation)
 9.40h 10.00h Micro LC/MS: Miniaturizing LC for LC/MS applications in bioanalysis Tina Settineri
10.00h 10.20h Going round again: Lessons learnt from establishment and validation of methods on the Gyrolab Workstation Graig Stovold
(Quotient Bioresearch)
10.20h 10.50h



Applications and validation approaches for Emerging platforms in support of LBA

Chair: Arjen Companjen (Crucell)
10.50h 11.20h Keynote presentation: Challenges in Development and Validation of an Intracellular Cytokine Staining assay Jenny Hendriks
11.20h 11.40h Validation of a PCR for the quantification of residual plasmid DNA in samples from a biodistribution study for a therapeutic RNA vaccine Carsten Lindemann
11.40h 12.00h Case Studies on ultra-sensitive immunoanalytics based on Imperacer® (Immuno-PCR) in clinical settings. Beena Punnamoottil
(Chimera Biotec GmbH)
12.00h 12.20h Validation of a multiplexed cytokine panel in human serum using a Randox Evidence analyser and comparison to other platforms (Luminex and MSD) Jason Cook

Plenary panel discussion

 12.20h 12.50h Panel discussion connecting back on scope of FM Philip Timmerman and C.T. Viswanathan
 12.50h 14.00h

Lunch and poster session


GBC feedback

Chair: Peter van Amsterdam (Abbott Healthcare Products)
14.00h 14.10h Feedback from GBC Harmonization team leaders Face to face (March 2012) Peter van Amsterdam
(on behalf of GBC)
14.10h 14.40h Feedback and input A2 – Tiered approaches to method validation Philip Timmerman
(Janssen R&D)
14.40h 15.30h Feedback and input S teams
S1 – Small molecule specific run acceptance harmonization team progress report Ben Gordon
(on behalf of Servier)
S2 – Small molecule specific assay operation Steve White
S3 – Chromatographic run quality assessment Stuart McDougall(Covance)
Panel discussion GBC-SC members and session presenters
15.30h 16.00h


16.0h 17.00h Feedback and input L teams
L1 – Large molecule specific run operation Chris Beaver
L2 – Large molecule specific assay operation Chris Beaver
L3 – Assay Formats John Smeraglia
A8 – Documentation Tom Verhaeghe
(Janssen Research and Development)
Panel discussion GBC-SC members and session presenters

Closing remarks and Adjourn