EBF Focus
EBF - 3 rd Focus Workshop


Brussels, Belgium
12 - 13 June, 2012

Organizing committee

Meeting Organising Committe

  • Benno Ingelse, MSD
  • Arjen Companjen, Crucell
  • John Smeraglia, HLS
  • Hans Mulder, Astellas
  • Margarete Brudny-Kloeppel, Bayer Healthcare
  • Peter van Amsterdam, Abbott Healthcare Products
  • Neil Henderson, AstraZeneca
  • Philip Timmerman, Janssen Research & Development

Sponsor Relations, Marketing and Logistics

Christina Smith, Bavalan Bioconference




EBF was founded in 2006 at the initiative of 12 pharmaceutical companies, all of them having bioanalytical lab activities in Europe. The goal of bringing these companies together was to implement a platform for discussions of science, day-to-day procedures, business tools, technologies and last but not least regulatory issues. EBF currently hosts two types of internally-organized meetings:

Working group meetings:

Twice a year EBF brings together representatives all member companies to discuss subjects well prepared in advance. The topics range from procedural to regulatory often resulting in internal benchmarking or surveys. Next to these ‘general’ meetings, topic specific specialists meetings are also organized. In 2008 EBF started a subgroup that focuses on issues related to LIMS systems. Further an Interest Group Macromolecules (EBF-IGM) was founded in 2008 to provide a platform for scientific exchange and harmonization of specific aspects for the bioanalysis of large molecules.All member companies assign one representative to these closed meetings.

Open meetings (symposium):

EBF organizes annual symposia to involve the bioanalytical community (pharma, academia, CRO, instrument providers, regulatory, etc.). It is the intention of the EBF to inform our business partners about the discussion held and agreements achieved and to open the forum for challenging procedures or techniques as well as for new regulatory requirements.EBF has also reached out to participate in international scientific meetings representing the bioanalytical voice of the European Pharma industry. EBF intends to stimulate further harmonization of industry practices in bioanalysis, to bring a common understanding of the interpretation of regulatory issues and more clarity to the implementation of procedures in order to achieve best practices in the world of bioanalysis. Selective examples of EBF’s active participation are: 2008 AAPS/FDA meeting, 2007, 2008 and 2009 Boston APA meeting, 2009 CVG meeting and 2009 AAPS/NBC.